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Automotive Vapor Canisters

Vapor canisters are a part of the emissions system. They are used to store used vapors instead of releasing them into the atmosphere. They often act as storage devices, when the vehicle is turned off, for fumes that have not had an opportunity to be re-circulated through the system for ultimate fuel usage. Vapor canisters are filled with charcoal and this is how the vapors are trapped. They may also function as storage devices when a vehicle is being refueled. It blocks the vapors from escaping through the gas tank. The vapor canister can produce more horsepower and more efficient fuel burning. As a consequence, this also improves gas mileage. Emissions are cleaner because all available fuel has been used instead of sent into the atmosphere. Vapor canisters are sometimes used in the start up of the vehicle. The ignition draws upon the fumes for initial starting of the car.