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Spark Delay Valves

Timing is a big deal in an internal combustion engine. Anymore, today’s vehicles have high tech operations that ensure proper timing is achieved. Good timing can increase horsepower, efficiency, and put out cleaner emissions. The computers and sensors in vehicles indicate when the best timing can be achieved. That means that sometimes, certain operations must be delayed until the time is optimal. Spark delay valves are one of the delay systems in a vehicle that make for the best timing. It is a vacuum valve that restricts a vacuum line between the carburetor and the distributor so that the combustions takes place when the computer deems it is optimal. Spark delay valves operate based on vacuums and usually do are not needed unless there is high demand upon the engine. They help to reduce NOX (oxidized nitrogen) and clean up the emissions in high demand situations. They also increase efficiency even when the engine is being taxed beyond normal.