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Radiator Parts

The radiator in a vehicle is responsible for dispersing extra heat created by the engine. When an engine gets too hot, damage may occur quickly to the engine and the entire system. The radiator collects and gets rid of this extra heat. It is located on the front of the engine compartment. It is a coil of fins and tubes that holds coolant. Coolant is a liquid that collects the heat. As the coolant runs through the fins, the heat is dispersed. The heat is dispersed further when a fan blows over the fins and blows heat away. Radiator parts must be kept in good condition to ensure that the engine stays at a proper operating temperature. Parts for a radiator include temperature sensors, radiator switch, fan switch, coolant level sensors, etc. These parts can all be replaced independently. The entire radiator can also be replaced, but that is a major job and is usually unnecessary.