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Pigtail Wire Connectors

Pigtail wire connectors connect a component to the wiring system. It is sort of like a plug on a stereo. The plug is what allows the stereo access to the electrical system. Pigtail wire connectors allow for the replacement of components without disturbing the wiring. It is a short length of wire that is permanently connected to a component that requires electricity to function. When the part needs to be replaced, the pigtail connector is disconnected and the component can be replaced by simply plugging it in. They are in use all over the vehicle from elemental parts to sensors. These include the generator, capacitors, oxygen sensor, points in distributor, instrument controls, switches, controls, etc. malfunctioning parts are easy to replace when they have a pigtail wire connector. It is important to inspect and compare the parts being replaced to the old ones to ensure that the new part is correct.