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Pick-up Assembley

A pick-up assembly is a tube that goes from a fuel or oil reservoir to a pump which then distributes the liquid to the needed components. It usually has a screen on the pick-up end to filter out larger particulates which may cause damage to the pump. Further filtering is done through the fuel filter or the oil filter located between the pump and the engine. It may also refer to a magnetic pick-up assembly which is attached to the distributor and triggers the ignition. Magnetic pick-ups are also located on the crankshaft and act as a reference point for sensors. Pick-up assemblies on the distributor are a pulse generator with a magnet and rotor that produces electricity. The electricity is used for the ignition and starts the engine. If the magnetic pick-up assembly malfunctions, the vehicle may not start or will crank but not fire up. Fuel or oil starvation may result from faulty pick up in the oil or fuel lines.