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Multi-port Fuel Injectors

Most vehicles have one fuel injector system that serves all the combustion chambers. But multi-port fuel injectors have one fuel injector for each chamber. This creates a more efficient vehicle and a more powerful vehicle. Systems that function on one fuel injector have a throttle that helps to regulate each chamber at the same time. Multi-port fuel injectors function off of a completely different idea. Each camber has a fuel injector that senses the environment and calculates the mixtures for each chamber separately. This creates a vehicle that has increased horsepower as well as being more efficient. Emissions are cleaner on a multi-port fuel injected car. Gas mileage is improved as well. Multi-port fuel injectors are found on vehicles that demand high performance. They do require more maintenance and care, but the results are astounding. They are powerful cars that are still efficient. They are top of the line when it comes to engineering and performance.