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Mixture Control Solenoids

Mixture control solenoids are a part of the carburetor system. They can do three different things depending upon the vehicle in question. In all three applications, the mixture control solenoid controls the air/fuel mixture that enters the chamber in some way. The mixture control solenoid may control the air/fuel mixture by oscillating the metering rods. It may also be controlled by a computer and move the rod in and out according to the commands of the computer. Lastly, it may be an electronically controlled device that accomplishes the same thing as the other applications, that of controlling the mixture of the air and fuel before combustion happens. The mixture of the air/fuel is a factor in how well the engine functions and how efficient it is. Without the proper mixtures, the engine may be damaged or will not run smoothly. The solenoid is a mechanism that ensures the proper mixture is created.