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MAP Sensors / BARO Sensors

MAP stands for manifold absolute pressure. BARO stands for barometric pressure sensor. Either way, these two names mean the same sensor. The MAP sensor detects the pressure in the intake manifold. The intake manifold is responsible for taking in the air that is required for internal combustion. The intake manifold collects air and sends it on through the rest of the system to the combustion chamber where the detonation moves the piston and that causes the engine to run. In the combustion chamber the air is pressurized and mixed with fuel to create the proper force in detonation to move the piston. If one thing is off in the combustion chamber, the force of detonation may not be enough, or it may be too much and the engine doesn’t run or it is damaged. The MAP sensor ensures that if the air already has pressure that is taken into account as the chamber is prepared for detonation.