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Import Carburetors, Rebuilt Carburetors

Import vehicles are cars that have origins in countries other than the US. Many import vehicles now have American operations, but are still considered of foreign make. Carburetors for import vehicles are famously held to be more expensive. This is sometimes true, but with manufacturers increasingly building factories on US soil, the parts are less expensive now than in the past. Occasionally, domestic carburetors will fit and work in an import vehicle. Buying a rebuilt import carburetor can be a great way to save some money. These are OEM carburetors that have been rebuilt so that they can perform as well as a new carburetor. The benefit of a rebuilt import carburetor is that it is they are the original equipment but cost much less. These often come with warranties and are a good option to alternative parts that cost very little and have lower quality. Brand new parts from the dealer can be the more expensive option, but are of excellent quality.