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Fuel Damper Assembly, Fuel Pressure Damper Assembly

The fuel damper assembly is a component of the fuel injection system. Electric fuel pumps pulse as they distribute fuel. This can create noises on down the line in the fuel rails. The damper acts as a hydraulic damper to lessen the impact of the quickly changing pressures from the fuel pump. Changing pressure can be hard on other parts of the fuel injection system, but mostly the fuel damper assembly serves to lessen the noise it makes as the pressure changes in the fuel rails. Some dampers are located right next to the fuel pump, but most of the time the damper is installed at the rail inlet. High fuel pressure pushes the damper up into its assembly. When fuel pressure lessens suddenly, the diaphragm pushes back down and makes the flow of fuel more even. This stops the pressure changes and lessens the burden on the fuel rails and other components of the fuel system.