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EGR Time Delay Switches

The exhaust gas recirculation system failure can cause major emission problems and poor gas mileage. Overall engine performance is affected by proper function of the EGR system. The EGR time delay switch is one of the many timing elements of a vehicle. Correct timing is essential to a smooth running engine and optimal function. The EGR system recycles some of the exhaust that still has capability to fire the engine’s pistons. The EGR time delay switch delays the valve from opening. It can delay the valve for up to 90 seconds. They may also keep the valve closed for 30 or 60 seconds. It does this because when the engine is cold, the function of the EGR system can stall it. Keeping the valve closed for a short time while the engine gets started can make a big difference. Repair and replacement of EGR system components is often simple since the EGR is usually readily accessible.