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EGR Position Sensors

EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation. This sensor determines the position of the EGR valve; whether it is open or closed. It detects the position by the changing voltage signal. The information is sent to the power train computer. When it malfunctions a dash light may come on. Or poor gas mileage may result from a faulty EGR position sensor. Often, cleaning the EGR system is enough to fix the problem. Cleaning the EGR is usually no problem as it is easy to get to and a straightforward project. In some vehicles, the EGR is difficult to get to and, since cleaning is no guarantee, it is probably best to replace the parts. The EGR is usually located near the intake manifold. Vacuum hoses must be removed and the valve removed as well. The cleaning job is involved; it is a place where lots of gunk can build up.