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Auto Dashpots

Dashpots have several different applications on an automobile. They are a hydraulic type damper that acts as a cushion to devices that have high impact. They can be used on doors to prevent slamming. They can be used in a shock absorption system. They also are used in carburetors to prevent the throttle from closing to suddenly during deceleration. Closing of the throttle prevents high levels of emissions in deceleration. Since there are so many types of dashpots, it is important to get the right one. When replacing dashpots, the old part and the new part should be compared carefully. Dashpots come in rotary and linear types. Dashpots are usually found on older model vehicles. Newer vehicles use solepots which are a combination of dashpots and solenoids. Solenoids can prevent slamming using magnetic fields and soil action. The combination of the two makes for ultimate cushioning in several different auto applications.