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Coolant Level Sensors, Replacement Coolant Level Sensors

Coolant level sensors are sensors that measure the level of fluids, specifically the coolant. But the sensor can be used in several different applications like windshield washer fluid levels or in the power steering reservoir. When there is good coolant level present in the vehicle, but the coolant light comes on, the culprit is often the sensor. Whether the sensor is being used for the fluid levels of coolant or other fluids in the car, replacing it can turn that dash light off and ensure an accurate read out. Existing fluids will need to be drained above the level of the fluid so that a mess can be avoided. Once the sensor is located, the wiring connection must be removed. Then the sensor can be taken out. Inspect the sensor and compare it to the new one to ensure that the part is correct. Reverse the procedure to install the new sensor.