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Choke Thermostats

It is not difficult to replace a choke thermostat and improve the performance of a vehicle. It is a good idea to use a service manual no matter what level of experience the replacer has. The choke thermostat is a part of the carburetor system and is usually located near the air filtration system. Once the air filters have been removed, and the carburetor covers removed, the choke should be visible. It should be closed unless the car has been running for a while and is hot. The choke thermostat is connected to the linkage rod and that is the next step in removing the choke thermostat. A screw or bolt may hold the choke thermostat in place in a mounting and that should be removed as well. Once the choke thermostat is out, compare the old part to the new part to ensure that it is the correct part. Work in reverse order to put in the new part.