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Back-up Light Switches, Car Backup Light Switches

The lights on a car are one of the most important elements of a car. Lights allow you to see in many conditions that you wouldn’t be able to attempt otherwise. They are also important in letting other drivers know what you are doing or going to do. Back-up lights are mostly intended to let others know that you are going to move in reverse. Those lights coming on depend upon the light switch. The switch is tripped when the transmission is put into reverse. It is located near the transmission of the car and not in the back, at least in most models. Failure of the back-up light switch is critical and must be replaced immediately. It is extremely dangerous to drive without back-up lights. To replace the back-up light switch, some tinkering with the transmission will have to be done. Usually the transmission cover must be removed and then sensor is fairly easy to locate from there.