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Air Management: Diverter Valves

A car uses a lot of air. Without air, it would not be able to function. Proper air flow helps the engine to work properly. Sometimes extra air to the engine gives more horsepower. Good air flow in a car also reduces the emissions it puts out. Proper air management in a car ensures that it is working optimally for everyone involved. Air filters should be replaced frequently as a part of regular maintenance. Dirty filters affect the performance of the car and make its emissions dirtier as well. Other parts of the air intake systems should be checked periodically also. Hoses, housing, valves, etc. need to be working properly to ensure that the engine is getting the right amount of clean air for it to work optimally. Other systems are affected by the air intake as well, like air going into the cabin of the car. The A/C and heating systems will work better when there is overall good air management.