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A/C & Heater Control, Air Conditioner & Temperature Control Panels

The rotary or slide switch that controls the blower usually is the same for both the A/C and the heater. This control can turn the A/C or heater on and off as well as controlling the air flow. These controls may also determine the temperature of the air flow; whether the air is warm, cold, or somewhere in between. Replacing the control is about a medium difficulty job. It can be replaced by locating the fan. The switch is connected to the blower resister which is usually attached to the fan encasement. Be sure to disconnect the battery before beginning work, as this is an electrical job. With the help of a car repair manual specific to the car being worked on, it should be something just about anyone with a little mechanical experience can attempt. The A/C and heater control is often the culprit when certain speeds or temperatures don’t work anymore.